Sesame Oil - Pure & Premium grade

Sesame oil or gingelly oil is a vegetable oil extracted from sesame seeds using cold pressed method. This type of oil is used in cooking and also as a flavor enhancer in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisines. It is highly nourishing and has many healing properties that makes him a preferred beauty product for the hair and the skin. Sesame oil is mostly used for hair growth and to maintain scalp health.

Sesame oil Organoleptic properties:

  • Aspect: liquid at room temperature
  • Color: Light yellow
  • Smell: Feature
  • Taste:  Sesame

Sesame Oil Fatty acid composition:

  • Palmitic acid: 7 to 12%
  • Stearic acid: 5 to 6%
  • Oleic acid: 35 to 50%
  • Linoleic acid: 35 to 50%

Properties and uses:

Cosmetics: Because of its essential fatty acids that restructure the skin tissue, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. It acts effectively against irritation and dryness.

Used in body massage, sesame virgin oil calms joint pain, sciatica, back pain.

It has the property of absorbing ultraviolet rays, which is why it is used as an additive in sunscreen formulations. It acts effectively on skin irritations (eczema, psoriasis, desquamation). It also tones the nails and hair.

External use: to treat dryness and irritation

Internal use: to help fight the risk of cardiovascular disease

Alimentary: It is used for fries because it rancor little. Sesame oil is widely used in oriental cuisine.

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Storage Conditions: Stable Vegetable Oil, Keep dry, away from heat and light.


  • COA – Certificate of Analysis
  • MSDS – Material Safefy Data Sheet
Method of obtaining: First cold pressed
Organ Press: Seeds
Botanical Name:  Sesamum Indicum
Quality: 100% pure and natural
Native Country:  Morocco
Culture: Family Agriculture
INCI Name: Sesamum Indicum
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