Black soap is a wellness product used in hammam’s rituals, made from a high quality olive oil. It has a creamy or buttery texture, rich in glycerin and Vitamin E, A which gives the skin suppleness and softness.

This soap was used in the 19 century and later on has become a natural beauty product used on the entire body and skin. The main role that this soap has, is to prepare your body and skin for exfoliation and make it soft for a kessa scrub bath which help remove impurities and dead skin.

Moroccan Black Soap Benefits:

Many people are switching to natural products that helps remove and clean dead skin cells making their body softer than ever. Using the kessa glove to scrub you skin help to increase the circulation of the blood and lymph.

Due to his high source of antioxidants and vitamin A that helps the skin to renew its cells and get rid of wrinkles, furthermore, it has the ability to fight ageing and form a beautiful complexion.

Moroccan Black Soap is rich of vitamin E and A that helps smooth and clear the skin, it also plays a great role to get rid of skin irritation and discoloration. This soap has anti-bacterial properties that remove brown spot and red areas.

You can also use the Moroccan Black Soap with other essential oil that will give it relaxing properties, and respiratory. It can be used with Honey, Argan Oil, Vanilla, Verbena, Jasmin and many more.

Moroccan Black Soap Utilization:

This soap is well known in morocco and is mostly used in hammam’s or baths, after 15 min in your hot shower apply the soap on a wet body and leave is for 10 minutes then rinse with hot water. At that moment, you are ready to scrub your body with the kessa glove.

How to use an exfoliating glove?

Types of Kessa Exfoliating Gloves:

  1. Kessa Hard
  2. Kessa Medium
  3. Kessa Soft

Moroccan kessa glove utilization:

After rinsing the Moroccan black soap from your entire body you will be left with and exceptionally soft skin. Then use the kessa glove and start scrubbing your body from top to bottom and in a circular motion which helps remove all the dead skin, toxin and impurities.

In the end rinse your body with warm water to wash all the dead skin and impurities.

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Do not store your kessa wet, it may encourage bacteria growth and fungus which increase the chances of developing an infection.

PS: Do not use the soap on your eyes, it’s recommended to use argan oil as a body moisturizer to restore the skin’s water lipid layer.

Grandever Moroccan Black Soap Flavors:

You can Find more than 24 differents types of Black soaps mixed with pure and premium essentiel oils resulting in a UNIQUE collection of black soaps:

  • The Original
  • With Musk & Anbre
  • With Eucalyptus
  • With Honey
  • With Orange Blossom
  • With Argan Oil
  • With Gardenia
  • With Vanilla
  • With Cinnamon
  • With Lemon
  • With Rose
  • With Lavender
  • With Jasmin
  • With Verbena
  • With Almond oil
  • With Aloe vera oil
  • With Apricot kernel
  • With Avocado oil
  • With Black seed oil
  • With Carrot oil
  • With Menthe pouliot
  • With Rosemary
  • With Sesame oil
  • With Thyme
Black soap
Grandever step-by-step Moroccan Hammam treatment:

If you have the opportunity to visit morocco, then you probably need to discover the Moroccan hamam’s. For the newbies they are two types of hamam’s luxury which cost from 200dh to 500dh depends on the hamam and the neighborhood hamam which cost from 12 to 20dh.

At grandever we recommend to go for the luxury one so that you can get the entire package, it probably take 45min to complete the hamam and scrub the body with black soap and the moroccan exfoliating kessa glove. In the end of the session you will get a brown clay rhassoul mask with a choosing essential Oil.

Many Spas and Luxury hammam’s rub almond oil into their customer’s skin to reduce inflammation and get a soft skin. After this journey you will feel relaxed and cleaner more than you ever felt.
 Moroccan Black Soap
PS: All Manufacturer should provide their customers with the documentation needed like Technical Files, MSDS, Certificate of chemical analysis, Certificate of microbiological analysis and more.

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Black Soap