Nowadays, many companies in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries require natural ingredients for their product manufacturing. Hence, there is high emphasis to capture the reasons that motivate such companies to purchase Argan oil in bulk, and how to scan for the good quality factor. You are positioned in a billion-dollar market, that is highly competitive. Research done in January 2016 by the Grand View research has shown that the Argan oil market volume is expected to reach a USD 1.79 billion by 2022.


A further reason to go for Argan oil is its long shelf life that can go beyond a year after extraction.
Besides, you need to keep in mind that Argan oil prices fluctuate much in the range of 30$/L to 35$/L. Purchasing Argan oil in bulk will inhibit you to access best prices for large volumes.

Argan Oil Origin and way of extraction:

Argan oil is extracted from the Argania Spinosa tree, that grows in the Southwest of Morocco. Hard working local women in the region collect the nuts and crack them open to obtain the Argan kernels. This process is still done manually in cooperatives, which is time consuming and labor intensive.

What You need to know before buying argan Oil in Bulk.

Types of argan oil:

Culinary Argan Oil: this type of oil has a golden brown color mostly used for coocking Couscous, Pasta, etc. The culinary oil is extracted manually by roasting and grinding the kernel.

Cosmetic Argan Oil: is cold pressed with a machine, resulting in a light golden yellow color oil. This ‘gold’ liquid is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Argan types

Type of Packaging Needed:

Experienced Suppliers in the field of cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry advise customers to buy Argan oil in a black glass packaging to limit sun light damages. Argan is a vegetable oil and prone to oxidation.

So packaging is very important thing to check with your supplier. The best packaging options is glass bottles (Black, Amber, Green or Blue).
Argan packagings

Recommendations on how to source for Argan oil:

To purchase a good quality argan oil in bulk, you should look for the following 5 important criteria:

1. Find an experienced manufacturer with a master class quality control, since they control the supply chain and can guarantee good quality to their clients.
2. Request certifications such as USDA and Ecocert: this two certificates are important in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, as they guarantee a 100% organic quality.
3. Always ask for a sample, as it enables you to test for the quality, and compare with the company’s promises.
4. Look for a manufacturer that has expertise in shipping Argan oil worldwide, and dealing with different customs.
5. Fair Trade ethical source is important for a company to exhibit their local community social impact.

In a nutshell, companies should do their homework to guarantee genuine and premium quality Argan oil, as nowadays demand market toward organic product is rising.

PS: All Argan oil manufacturers should provide their customers with the documentation needed like Technical Files, MSDS, Certificate of chemical analysis, Certificate of microbiological analysis, USDA Certificate and Ecocert certificate.

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Argan oil in bulk