In Morocco they are many suppliers of argan oil, but to know which one has best Argan Oil Quality is very difficult for a client. Today, we are going to share with you how to check the quality by following this steps.

The Moroccan Argan oil market is so saturated, one has to learn how to fetch for the best Argan Oil Quality. Here’s how to do it:

As far as Argan oil is concerned, the quality of the product depends on the whole production chain starting from the fruit, the harvesting method, the seed storage conditions, the extraction method, and the conservation of the oil.

Guidelines to Identify the Best Argan Oil Quality:


The first parameter you can easily refer to is the color of the oil. Argan oil Quality should have a golden clear color, free from any residues or sediments. Then comes the viscosity which should be low. Viscosity actually determines the purity of the oil. The pure Argan oil is known to be light and not thick.

In addition to the previous cited criteria, one should refer to the description of the product that must state “100% Argania Spinosa Kernal oil”, meaning the oil has not been altered with a foreign one.



In the quest of a quality Argan oil, the smell is to be taken into consideration as well, since a strong one might refer to the following reasons:

  • Collecting the nuts from the goat excrements
  • Soaking the nut in the water
  • Humidity
  • Nuts shield kept with argan during the extraction process

Rather, quality argan oil needs to carry a descrete nutty smell. The common practice of deodorizing the Argan oil might suggest a bad quality oil, because of the previous elements. Producers generally try to hide such conditions by absolutely diminishing the natural odor of the oil.
Another type of argan that customers come across is the odorless argan oil which mean that the supplier is trying to hide the bad quality of his product by extracting the smell from it.


Before testing argan oil you need to ask yourself this question, for what reason I am buying this product for? To use it on the skin or the hair?
As Argan oil is such a beneficial oil to the whole body, the touch experience depends on the area to be treated by this oil. Real and pure Argan oil must have the following effects on your skin:

  • Easy absorption
  • Non-greasy or sticky
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Soothing and not irritating
  • Lack of stinging sensation

For the hair it must have the following effects:

  • Easy absorption
  • Smooth Hair

Argan Oil Price Per Liter Cost:

Firstly, pure argan oil is a pricy and time consuming oil to produce. In our experience as a producer of Argan oil, a bottle of 1L in size for anything less than $29 then chances are its’s suspicious as the cost of producing the oil is very high, which mean a little profit for the seller.

Pure Argan Oil Types, Qualities and Uses:

1- Culinary argan oil:

The process used respectively to obtain the culinary oil is roasting, grinding, and cold pressing the kernel to receive this 3 types of qualities.


Culinary extra virgin: It’s a fresh oil with a shelf life of 18 months with appropriate storage conditions. The oil has the acidity level under 0.5.

Culinary Virgin: Extracted a while ago and used in the cocking process with the acidity level between 0.5 – 1.8. The shelf life of the virgin is approximately 8 months with appropriate storage conditions.

Culinary Courant argan oil: Used in the cocking process with acidity level between 1.8 – 2.5. This oil is for customers who will consume it as quickly as possible.

2- Cosmetic argan oil:

For the cosmetic argan oil we don’t need to roast the kernel, we directly grind and cold press the kernel.


Cosmetic extra virgin: It’s a fresh oil that has a shelf life of 18 months with appropriate storage conditions. The oil has an acidity level under 0.5.

Cosmetic Virgin: This oil is used in the cosmetic industry and has the acidity level between 0.5 – 1.8. The shelf life of the virgin is approximately 8 months with appropriate storage conditions.

Cosmetic Courant argan oil: Used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry with acidity level between 1.8 – 2.5.

How to know that argan oil is 100% organic?

Well, every supplier need to prove to each client that he has a 100% organic argan oil by providing two main certificates (Ecocert and USDA). Furthermore, we encourage all customers to take a sample from the product and test it to make sure that you have a good Argan Oil Quality.