Juniper Berry Essential Oil - Pure & Premium grade

Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis) is a conifer non resinous, thorny, persistent with long-lived. Plants female and male are different; it is a dioïque plant. This shrub or bushy shrub can reach 3 to 5 meters and possesses prickly twigs. Her leaves are disentangled and linear needles. They are endowed with a white strip and are whorls by three. The berries are fleshy, with a midnight blue color. The blooming takes place in June / July and the fruiting in autumn of the 2nd year. It’s widely spread in the world, in particular in the north hemisphere.

Junipper Berry Essential Oil Properties in Scientific Aromatherapy:

  • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic (A little weaker than the Juniper of mountains)
  • Diuretic, Interesting detox.
  • Antiseptic, preservative
  • Anticatarrhale, expectorant
  • Antispasmodic,
  • Activate the blood circulation, Venous decongestant
  • Regulating of the vegetative nervous system

Juniper Berry Oil Properties in Aromatherapy Energetics:

  • The effects psychology emotional and energetic are lesser compared to the Juniper of mountains.
  • Purifying
  • Energizing, give some courage and self-confidence, intensify the positive thoughts
  • Distant the melancholy, the recurring fears, the phobias, the fear of the failure
  • Help to dissolve the mental rigidity

Juniper Berry Oil Traditional Indication:

  • Cellulite
  • Haemorrhoids, heavy legs, water retention, oedemas
  • Biliary lithiases and kidney stones, urinary infections
  • Rheumatisms, arthritis, polyarthritis, joint pains, drop, neuralgias, sciatica, lumbago, muscular cramps
  • Inflammatory and spasmodic colites
  • Gastric acid
  • Dermatoses
  • Dysfunction of the nervous system
  • Light hépato-pancreatic inadequacies


The essential oil of Juniperus communis can be used within the framework of facial skincare (oily skin) in mixture with some essential oil of Lavandula officinalis (the true Lavender) and Citrus Limon ( lemon) in some vegetable oil (Jojoba, Hazelnut or Macadamia).

It is also possible to use some drops(gouts) of essential oil of Juniperus communis Montana in the shampoo to slow down the hair loss.


Nowadays, juniper berries are known for their use as condiment in cooking, in particular in the sauerkraut, and are easily associated with the laurel, the garlic, the oregano, the thyme and the fennel. They are often used in the rich and little easily digestible dishes to help in the digestion. They can be also used to decorate marinades of game, terrines, diverse broth and stews. Wallowed in some brandy, the bays(berries) of Juniper give a famous liqueur, a gin.


Diffusion only as a supplement to other essential oil for a refreshing effect.

Juniper Berry Hydrosol:

Our Juniper Berry hydrosol comes from the steam distillation of the leaves of the plant Juniperus Communis grown in Morocco.

Juniper Berry Hydrosol Therapeutic Properties:

  • Reduces Cellulite & Bloating
  • Minimizes Oily Skin
  • Helps with UTIs
  • Reduces Puffy Eyes
  • Promotes proper circulation
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Blood Purifier
  • Kidney and Renal System Infections

Storage Conditions: It is recommended to keep it in a cool dark place to maintain freshness and achieve maximum shelf life. Tightly capped

Quality Commitment: Grandever’s commits to provide always and only the highest quality of products. We firmly believe that Quality Assurance is of utmost importance. It is imperative that meticulous tests, documentation, and certifications are supplied for every product.


  • EACCE – Moroccan Office of Export Control & Coordination


  • COA – Certificate of Analysis
  • MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet
Other Botanical Names: Juniperus Communis ssp communis
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Extracted Part: Twigs and bays
Oil Type: Essential Oil
Water Type: Hydrosol
Country: Morocco
Botanical Classification:
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Spermatophyta
Class: Pinatea
Family: Cupressaceae
Gender: Juniperus
Notice: This product is also available on hydrosols and as a dried plant for more information’s contact us.
Dried Plants: Some plants can be used in their dried and powdered states as raw ingredients for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.
Hydrosols: Our Hydrolats, also known as hydrosols, are waters that are collected when vegetables or flowers materials are steam-distilled to extract their essential oils.

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